We offer all types of suspended ceiling. This enables us to provide a new ceiling in keeping with the usage of any type of room.

Metal Panelled Ceilings »

Common applications include offices, clean rooms, computer rooms, bathrooms/showers and acoustic rooms. This system offers excellent performance levels, is highly versatile and resilient providing a decorative range from fully accessible concealed grid to chilled ceilings to suit design needs.

Metal Strip Ceilings »

Common applications include external canopies, external walkways, main thoroughfares and feature areas. Metal Strip Ceilings give a very tough ceiling resistant to the elements all year round. Available in a range of shapes and colours.

Mineral Fibre Ceilings »

Common applications include offices, retail and public areas. Available in exposed, recessed or concealed grid systems, such ceilings can provide a highly acoustic decorative finish and enable easy access to the space above.

Glass Fibre Ceilings »

Common applications include clinical washrooms, kitchens, cleaning rooms, public rooms, swimming pools and high humidity areas. These area able to provide a washable ceiling which still has a decorative and acoustic quality. Glass fibre panels provide excellent sound absorption.

Plasterboard Ceilings »

Common applications include surgical rooms, clinically clean rooms, X-ray rooms, laboratories or pool environments. Utilising standard plasterboard or the newer range of performance boards, Plasterboard ceilings provide a plain ceiling with the appearance of plain plaster creating a completely sealed unit. With the use of perforated plasterboards it is possible to combine the clean look of the plasterboard with a level of acoustic absorption in communal areas.

Mass Barrier Ceilings »

Widely used in cinema construction these consist of several layers of plasterboard fixed to a galvanised metal framework suspended on specialist acoustic anti-vibration hangers. They are installed to provide a complete block to noise transfer from a floor below or above.

Plasterboard Features »

Used extensively in cinema and shop fit-out projects Architects are demanding ever more eye catching features to foyers and entrance areas. Plasterboard on a metal or wood substrate provides a cost effective solution to these requirements.

Profiled Ceilings »

Constructed out of plasterboard, specialist glass or mineral fibre panels. Such systems are generally installed for aesthetics.